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Gardevoir's "Psychic Ability" comes and goes


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I have played dozens of games with this card and its ability always works when gardevoir first comes into play, but sometimes becomes disabled during games. Before anyone asks, I will answer the obvious question. No, this is not a result of ability garbodor. The vast majority of the glitchy games did not involve decks with garbo. Please investigate this bug.


Edit 1: I meant "Psychic Mirage"

Edit 2: I am using the secret rare version of gardevoir.

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aside from the obvious garbodor , are you sure you satisfy the requirements for gardevoir's ability to work? ie it must be a basic psychic energy and it must attach to a psychic pokemon

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Hi SamuraiJoe,


As stated in the last thread regarding this ability, we have still been unable to replicate it. Any more information you could provide would help tremendously.


I'll quote the questions I had for you from that last thread:

Here's what we'll need:


- The card numbers of the Gardevoir, Mewtwo, and Cresselia you're using (found in the bottom right-hand corner of the card).

- Your opponent's active and benched Pokémon, along with card numbers if possible.

- The card number of the Pokémon Catcher used to switch your Pokémon.

- Does this happen every single time your Gardevoir is switched to the active position using Pokémon Catcher, or is it only in certain instances? (Answered)


In addition, please let us know if chronophysicist's suggestion is related to what you're experiencing.


We greatly appreciate your patience while we try to track this down!

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