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Muscle Band bug on Registeel EX's Triple Laser


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Hi, this bug happened only once and I haven't tried to reproduce it, but here's what happened:


Registeel-EX (regular art) was my active Pokemon which had a Muscle Band attached. I used Triple Laser (30 damage to 3 Pokemon) to target two benched Pokemon and the active Pokemon (the order of selection might have something to do with the bug). It did 30 damage to all three Pokemon instead of doing 50 damage to the opponent's active Pokemon and 30 to the other two.


The defending Pokemon was a Zoroark (Black and White set, #71) which does not have resistance to steel etc, and it did not have any tool attached. So this was definitely a bug. Also, the battle was a friend battle.


I will try to reproduce the bug if needed and post here if I find anything more.

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Hello takkupanda,


We were unable to replicate this bug, with or without Zoroark as the active Pokèmon. Do you remember what the order of selection was like when you used Triple Laser? Did you choose the active Pokémon for the first, second, or third attack? If you are able to replicate this, please let us know. A screenshot submitted via the support portal (link in my signature) could be especially helpful.


Thanks for your report! :)

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