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Professer Snow,



today you answered a question about ports well instead of just a couple i have 24 ports that pokemon online would like me to draw data from. and as i imagine there will be more to come in the coming patches, however is there any way i could possibly not go to these ports?


also weither you might have known this or not the "ports" are actually websites the pokemon online update team purchased online from cloud front websites. I an unaware of what the websites are for but i would like to have someone with the expertise (any of the professors) to help explain.



please don't tell me to send a ticket because i have sent a couple and none of them have been replied to or have been denied( it have been multiple months).


but the reason i ask this is because the websites, are not trust worthy in my opinion, unless i find out what the are i can't allow them to be on my computers approved website list




thanks for all the support 51DF3Y

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Hi there 51DF3Y!


Perhaps I may be able to clarify this issue. Ports are used for communication between different computers. To connect to a website for instance, you must send a request to the web serving computer's port 80 (this is done automatically by your computer and web browser when going to a specific url). Port 80 itself is not any computer or any website (for instance, on your computer right now, you have a port 80, just as I do... and if we ran software that 'binds' or 'listens' for requests on that port then we would each be running a different web server).


If you 'open up' the ports as Professor Snow stated (which I assume they mean in your firewall, so that traffic is not blocked), this will allow for the game to work properly, by allowing your computer to communicate properly with the games server(s) and other players.


You can read about the Pokémon Privacy Policy by going to the pokémon website and going to the bottom of the page and clicking 'Privacy Policy'.


I hope that helps.

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Hi 51df3y,


When you quit a game of TCGO, you do not have to save the game because the data is saved on our servers (sites). This way your game data is not attached to your installation or saved game files, and you can use your account on any computer without risking data loss or corruption.


Please ensure that you only download TCGO from the Pokemon TCG Download page. If the game asks for permission to do something, it is strictly because it is required to run the game.


Hope this helps!

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