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"Vanishing" League cards


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Before the update, I had a number of cards I'd received from code cards from my league, but after it was updated to this latest version they seem to have all vanished! They may still be there, I don't know, but none of them appear when the League filter is applied! even a general search through the ones I specifically remember came from them revealed that none of them had the POP symbol on them. even worse all my foil basic energy is gone! Please fix!



and while you're at it, please remove the "auto-save" from the forum thread entry screen. The lag this creates keeps causing keystrokes to be ignored!

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Hey there!


This issue has been recorded in the Known Bugs thread of the Announcements forum here:




- Play! Pokémon promotional cards do not register as promo cards and do not have distinguishable foil effects.


The dev team is working to correct this issue, so keep checking back to see when this is addressed.


Thanks for your feedback regarding the auto-save feature as well!

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