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Double-clicking to remove cards added to a trade doesn't work!


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I have noticed that, often, when I'm creating a new trade, I add a card and then realize I want to add a different card, I try to double click on the card added and sometimes it gets removed from the trade, but often, it doesn't get removed no matter how many times I double click on it. I often have to add another card or two and then try to remove one of the previously added cards, which then gets removed, but again I cannot remove the cards I added later.


While not a major concern usually, it makes Countering trades very difficult, because when countering, you typically want to remove a card from the trade, and double-clicking on it just doesn't remove it. It also makes it very difficult for big trades which have tens of cards being traded, as making another trade also would take too long and would be just annoying in general.


Hope this bug gets fixed soon.

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Hi takkupanda,


I'll send this to the Dev team for investigation and close this thread in the meantime. If you come across any other bugs to report, please feel free to create a new thread or submit a ticket to the support team via the link in my signature.


Thanks for your report! :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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