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Nuzlocke 101 (A Guide to Nuzlocke Challenges)


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- What is a Nuzlocke Challenge?

- Rules of Nuzlocke

-Types of Nuzlockes

- Tips


What Is A Nuzlocke Challenge?

A nuzlocke challenge is a challenge players of Pokemon games put on themselves to make the Game Harder. Admit, at onbe point, you were probably playing a Pokemon game and were thinking ' Why are these games so easy?'. Well, the Nuzlocke fixes that by providing a fun and exciting challenge


Rules of Nuzlocke

  1. You may Only catch the first Pokemon in each new route/area. Failure to catch that Pokemon, and you will not be able to catch another one for that route
  2. If a Pokemon faints, It is considered dead and may never be used again. An option to this rule allows one 'Ressurection' throughout the game, where you may revve ONE fallen Pokemon. But if it faints again, you may not ressurect it again. (And keep in mind, you only get ONE ressurection throughout the ENTIRE game, so use it on a Pokemon that you KNOW will be important)
  3. You must nickname all of your Pokemon. This is to form a stronger bond with your Pokemon so that when they die, it will feel more meningful

These are the only two rules that are official but there are other rules you can put on yourself to make the game even harder, including

Limiting the amount of items you can use in battle

Limiting what types of Poke Balls you can use to catch Pokemon

Limiting how many times you can go to a Pokemon Center/Nurse


Types of Nuzlockes

  1. Regular Nuzlocke - A normal nuzlocke challenge using the above three necessary rules and any other limitations you want to put on yourself
  2. Wedlocke - A nuzlocke variant in which you party is in three groups of two. With each group containing one male and one female Pokemon. the catch? You may not switch in between two different groups during battle. You may only use one Pokemon and that Pokemon's partner. If one Pokemon faints, It's partner must either win the battle, or die alongside its partner. Also, Pokemon MAY NOT be put in the PC UNLESS youare putting that Pokemon's partner in the PC aswell (or if the Pokemon is dead)
  3. Randomizer - A Normal Nuzlocke, except that all of the Pokemon found in the grass are randomized, making it either more difficult or more easy to catch wild Pokemon
  4. Egglocke - A nuzlocke variant in which the Pokemon you catch in the wild are 'tokens' to receive an egg from your PC (donated by others) to use throught the game
  5. Chaoslocke (Ultimate Randomizer) - A Nuzlocke variant in which EVERYTHING is randomized. The Wild Pokemon, your starter, Pokemon types, the moves Pokemon can learn, TMs and HMs, what kind of Pokemon your opponents have, Pokemon abilities, etc. This is a VERY difficult nuzlocke variant and I only recommend it if you want a REAL challenge
  6. Eeveelocke - A nuzlocke variant in which you can only use Eevee and its evolutions throughout the entire game.
  7. Wonderlocke (can only be done in Pokemon X and Y) - A nuzlocke variant in which you must Wonder Trade away all of your Pokemon and use the Pokemon you get in the wonder trade throughout the game (this and the randomizer are my two favorite types). You may use your starter if your team is either too overleveled or too underleveled to handle the trainers


Tips (Note: These tip[s only apply to those who nuzlocke with the three necessary rules ONLY[/b])

  1. Buy PLENTY of Poke Balls and Potions. Trust me, you will need them!
  2. even if you don't like the first Pokemon you find, at least TRY to catch it. Because if you run out of Pokemon in your PC to use as backups, then its GAME OVER!
  3. Take advantage of the free items like ICe Heals, Paralyze Heals, Ethers, etc that you find scattered throughout the routes. You never know when they will come in handy!
  4. Have Fun!



And that's it!


Please let me know what game YOU'RE Nuzlocking and wha kind of Nuzlocke it is, aswell as saying if you like this guide or if it helped you


I currently am doing a Wonderlocke on Pokemon Y and a Randomizer on Pokemon Black

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I think i'm going to do a nuzlocke on B2 after I transfer all of my rare pokemon to Y.

Nice guide,thanks for inspiring me!

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I think i'm going to do a nuzlocke on B2 after I transfer all of my rare pokemon to Y.

Nice guide,thanks for inspiring me!

Just started!I have 4 pokemon,including digrat(patrat),who passed...

It's just a normal nuzlocke,do to the fact that it's my first.

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