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Dalek2011's Tournament


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Heyy guys, i have returned to PTCGO Lately and i thought i would hold a tournament for everyone :D


The rules are:

there will be 4 rounds of pairings which will you will have 4 days to verse an opponent. (BO1 format)

If you don't verse within the 4 days i will flip a coin and whoever it lands on will get the win.

After the pairings I will find out top 8, then after top 8 i will do top 4, then finals.

Modified Format.

same deck for whole tournament.


1st Place: 7 LT Packs

2nd Place: 5 LT Packs

3rd Place: 3 LT Packs

4th Place: 1 LT Packs



1. Dalek2011 (GMT+8) (aromatisse Big Basics)

2. Grizzlych (GMT+1) (TDK Variant)

3. NWC (GMT+8) (Darkrai/Yveltal)

4. Ciri_car (GMT+1) (Mewtwo Ex/Chandy Ex/Mr. Mime/Gardevior (Ability)/Galade/Mew Ex)

5. Seeker33 (GMT+1) (cobalion ex/cobalion/Plasma KK/skarmory)

6. Wronglai (GMT+8) (darkrai/salbeye/Yveltal/duskinoir)

7. ARC7093 (GMT+8) (plasma tornadus ex)

8. DRA0203 (GMT+8) (dragonite/garbodor)




TOP 8:

1. NWC

2. Seeker33

3. Grizzlych

4. Wronglai

5. Dalek2011

6. ARC7093

7. Dra0203

8. Ciri_car


Top 4:

Seeker33 VS Grizzlych

ARC7093 VS Ciri_car

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