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A Personalized Binder Feature


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Hello, I really like this game so far. Even spent some fair money in the shop (I'm Canadian)


I feel like something very important is missing. Right now, we have the collection tab where we can view all our cards. That's fine the way it is. What I really want is a binder tab, basically a place where you can set up binders with all your favourite cards you want to show off. A place where your friends and even anyone can go to view your collection.


You can have multiple binders which you can name and customize (Perhaps you'll beable to buy binder art from the store with gems) You can choose how many pockets to a page, depending on the set you're showing off.


Honestly, if it had this. I would play this game full-time just trying to complete certain collections. Knowing that my hard work will be viewed beautifully in my binders I set up.


Some people might just make a big binder to flip through that has all their cards. Others will have specifically themed binders depending on rarity or general a theme.


The binders shouldn't be sortable by other users (Like filters, but allow a search feature) because it's important to keep the essence of having a binder in real life. Personalized.


Make it so when you click on someones name you'd get the option to view their binder(s). Like where it has the send private message, report remove friend and report user buttons.


That's all I can think of right now. But if anyone else wants to add to my post, feel welcome to. Let's please get Pokemontcg to make this happen!

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Hi WhimsicalNikki!


Thanks much for the suggestion! I'll send this up for review and keep the thread open for people to add or discuss if they'd like.


Thanks again for your dedication and effort! It's great to hear feedback and get suggestions.

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