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Black Mamba


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4 Krookodile PLF

2 Krokorok PLF

4 Sandile PLF

3 Yveltal XY

3 Sableye DEX


10 Dark



4 Ultra Ball

4 Rare Candy

3 Skyla

3 N

2 Juniper

3 Enhanced Hammer

3 Crushing Hammer

4 Team Flare Grunt

3 Roller Skates

2 Bicycle

3 Muscle Band


Ok, so basically the whole idea behind this is to get Krookodile up quick, using your hammers/Sableye combo as much as possible, then Muscle Band him and start the Flare Grunts and Piston Headbutt the energies off your opponents. Should theoretically work very well against Plasma, especially Lugia Variants.

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maybe give magnezone TP (ability) a shot, it might be helpfull, if not for draw support then for using 2 flare grunts in one turn.

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Sounds like a good idea actually. I was thinking of popping in a keldeo to deal with lock decks, but Idk where I would fit the float stones in. Also, Im probably gonna drop Yveltal and pop in Grumpig which does the same thing Krookodile does (only a bit more expensive)

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