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Micah's Weekly Tourney #7 [March 7th]


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Welcome to the 7th chapter of this enduring chronicle, Micah's Weekly's :D


Some Quick, pretty important notes:

1) Tournament is on Friday, really sorry about that, I would love to host the tournament on Saturday but I will be playing in my state tournament IRL. I would also love to move this thing to Sunday but I won't have time then due to other activities. I'm really sorry guys, this is probably the last time something like this will happen (until nationals =P)


2) since I'm pressed for time this tournament will only be an 8 player, sorry again. Prize support has not been cut, but has not been increased as much as it will be next tourney.


3) I jut really want to apologize to all the later timezones. I know I said I wouldn't host late tourneys anymore but this is the earliest I can do V_V


4) Shoutouts to Cbat's weeklies, check him out on Saturday and give this dude some support! He really has a passion for the community, so support him in any way you can, whether it be through participating in tournaments or donating to the cause!


5) Whew states! If you can make your own state tournaments they're a blast :D If you can't, well then there's always this awesome online community to have your back :)


Without further adieu, here's you're scheduled program...



The Backstory


I decided it would be fun to host (at least) 1 tournament, so I figured I would try to host a small tournament with a small amount of players.

With the tournament feature still not released on PTCGO I went to these forums to look for any player organized pseudo-tournaments, but I didn't find many.

Thus, this small and consistent tourney idea was born!

It's pretty simple and straight-forward, no special rules and unfortunately no elaborate prize support since it's all from me =/

With the first tournament being fairly successful, I will likely be continuing this series as long as players continue enjoying it! :D


The Format

Modified, NXD-X & Y


The Prizes*

1st place: 4 XY packs Or Xerneas FA, you're choice.

2nd place: 3 XY packs

3rd place: 2 XY packs

4th place: 1 XY pack

5th-8th: pats on the back

*Prize support may increase if tourney size is more than expected.


The Rules

You may NOT switch decks in between rounds.

In pokèmon there are too many "autolosses" so I don't want someone to switch to playing Sableye/Drifblim/Hammers after they find out they're facing plasma >_> Take pride in your deck and see it through until the end!


The Tournament will start at 5:00 PM [17] PST March 7th

Also known as 1:00 AM [01] GMT. March 8th

We will meet/discuss anything in the Tournament Strategy Lobby since it's hardly used.

Report wins/Losses in the Team Recruitment Lobby. Since there's only so much text space in lobbies, it makes my job infinitely easier if only wins/losses are reported in one lobby while announcements and discussion are reported in a separate lobby (the tournament Strategy lobby). I'll try to go over this again before the tourney starts.


PLEASE, if you sign up for the tournament, mark your calender/set a reminder, if you fail to show up without notifying me ahead of time you may be suspended from future tournaments =/


It would be amazing if we could get everyone to show up 10 minutes before the tournament starts, but hey, I'm just an optimist ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you have something scheduled for soon after the tournament starts please don't sign up, it would stink to have forfeits and people waiting with no opponent because you have to go to a basketball game or movie or something. In theory the tourney could go for 8 rounds if you keep winning, take this into account when budgeting your time and deciding if you can play the tourney to completion or not.


The Tournament Structure

Single round Swiss (no Bo3), double elimination.

If you lose a round you are sent into the losers bracket, if you lose a round in that bracket you are out of the tournament.




First come first serve.

1: JasonWee

2: Chicago234

3: Lucky369

4: Maxgoddy

5: Shad88

6: NWC

7: NeilK

8: Micah477


Back ups (will take a spot if not everyone shows up)

9: Nevol13

10: ChacharGift

11: Bubba98

12: TheBoss99a



Please leave any comments/suggestions! I want this to be a fun experience so I need all the feedback I can get! Especially from anyone who has played in or even hosted a tournament, your insight is invaluable! :)



Past Tourney Results


1st: JasonWee

2nd: ZeroSnakeX

3rd: Dante010

4th: Kamayashi



1st: SBYoungMoney

2nd: Micah477

3rd: JasonWee

4th: Hypnotoxic



1st: Shad88

2nd: JasonWee

3rd: Micah477

4th: Samurott76



1st: SBYoungMoney

2nd: Hypnotoxic

3rd: GrizzlyCH

4th: Ewolff


1st: Hypnotoxic

2nd: Diaframe

3rd: Micah477

4th: Diomio



1st: JasonWee

2nd: Maxgoddy

3rd: Micah477

4th: Blandano1

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I'm in :D Pm me before tourney if I'm online? xD :P


Thanks haha


Actually, I won't be able to play... It's too late for me :S


2:00 PM [14] PST / 10:00 PM [22] GMT was wokring fine for me xD Even better will be 9:00 PM [21] GMT but 22 GMT is fine. This one is too late :( Maybe next time :) Good luck to everyone :)

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Alright Jason you're in!


Grizzlych: Yeah this timeframe isn't ideal but it's the best I can do for now V_V

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O i thought the tourney was Suturday again :(.. I was waiting tonight but noone shows up..

Then i check the post and realize i was late 24 hours..Sorry my bad Micah..

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