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Common Courtesy


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Suggestion for Main Page of PTCGO. After a player logs into PTCGO, the opening screen should have a message about Common Courtesy. Why?


I think most people that play PTCGO know that this new update is littered with BUGS. Unfortunately, the solutions for these bugs take time and effort. Equally unfortunate, some players act like everything is fine (or worse, take advantage of these bugs).


Some of the known bugs are:

--- Lose-A-Turn Bug Due to Multiple-Mulligans by an opponent.

--- VCG Bug where VCG does not add the extra 20 damage.

--- Evosoda Bug where 2nd player can actually use Evosoda on their 1st turn (prohibited by the card's text)

--- Victory Condition Delay Bug where the game stalls out and player doesn't get to take their remaining Prizes.


I could probably list more. But players should use common courtesy when these bugs occur (or at least be advised to use common courtesy). For example, on the Victory Condition Bug, if you are the losing player, go ahead and concede the game instead of sitting it out hoping the glitch gives you the win. For the Evosoda Bug, if you are the 2nd player and it is Game Turn #2 (your first turn of the game), have common courtesy and don't play it. For the Lose-A-Turn Bug, if you end your turn and instantly find yourself playing another turn, realize that it could be a bug and end your turn without playing as well, or at least wait and check the chat to see if your opponent says anything about it.


I have posted some of these bugs on the boards, others I have submitted a Bug Report with images. But it would help if PTCGO made everyone aware of these problems with a posting on the main page. I would also love a penalty for players that are reported with image/video proof of taking advantage of these bugs, but I believe this might be asking a bit much.


Just my two cents (and tons of frustration).

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what if the virbank bug only caused my opponent to miss on his first prize? that's enough grounds to concede?

also I should say there are players out there that get upset if you concede prematurely, doing so also could cause them to not get their tokens and god knows people get super upset when that happens

with regards to losing a turn, if I had just ended my turn as courtesy, I still would have already drawn more cards than I should and still puts me at at an advantage


i admire your willingness to do the honorable thing but I don't think you should hold it against others if they choose not to do the same, some people just value winning more


this is not the first time we've been stuck with silly bugs lke this, we've had times when g booster would not go through safeguard, we had times when mew could only occasionally copy attack and various other severe bugs. its typical of PTCGO to be doing this just because that's how they are. they will get fixed eventually but I don't think it needs a special disclaimer and I certainly would not hold anything against those who choose to abuse this little flaw while it lasts for whatever short time that it does.

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Hi AnyRandomName,


I'll make sure your suggestions and feedback are forwarded to the Dev team and leave your thread open for discussion in the meantime.


As always, we appreciate your input!

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On second thought, Prof_Poplar, you can remove this suggestion and any other suggestions that I have made. I'm quitting PTCGO cause it is a waste of my time.

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