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Friends not appearing online and not being able to add/receive ..


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This particular bug deals with the "friends list" of PTCGO.


First, My friend was online; however, my "friends list" showed him as offline.


Two, I am not able to send or receive friend invites.


Three, when I go to "versus mode" and select "friend battle" that option says " I have no friends, please add friends", or something to that effect... but I have many fiends on my "friend list", it is not registering them.

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Hi Spartanclone001,


Please try this:



  • Log into pokemon.com
  • Access your profile and clicking "Edit Profile"
  • Click "Pokémon TCG Online Settings"
  • Change your social settings to Custom
  • Check to make sure your "Friend Chat" and "Friend List" options are set to Open.


If these are already open, it may help to try switching them to a different option and then switching them back to Open (clicking the Submit button each time).


If you're still unable to chat or battle with your friend, I recommend submitting a ticket to the support team for further investigation. To do so, simply click the link in my signature, sign in, and click "Ask a Question". Please add as much detail as possible here.


Thanks for your patience!

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