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Incredibly annoying deck that manages to win half the time...


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I threw this deck together as an idea for an engine even though I didn't have any idea for attackers or a solid win condition. After a few terrible games with poor attacker choices, I realized the strength of the deck for late game, and found some attackers that worked well for that strategy. Here's the deck list:


[Pokemon] 14

3x Voltorb PF

2x Electrode PF

3x Shellder XY

2x Cloyster XY

3x Kyurem LTR

1x Victini LTR


[TSS] 34

4x Crushing Hammer

1x Drowsing Machine

3x Enhanced Hammer

4x Level Ball

3x Red Card

3x Roller Skates

1x Superior Energy Retrieval

4x Ultra Ball

4x Hooligan's Jim & Cas

4x Team Flare Grunt

3x Float Stone


[Energy] 12

12x Water



The idea is to start with Shellder or Kyurem, and get Electrode up on the bench ASAP. That's your only draw support (and it's plenty!).


The combos you want are Red Card + Hooligans or Hammers + Team Flare Grunt. You don't always need Red Card though, as most people will play a supporter on their first turn, and empty their hand down to 3 or less because they have a draw supporter in hand. If you get the coin flip on hooligans, your opponent is now at zero hand size and top-decking.


If they do get set up, or you miss your coin flips, prepare to go behind in prizes for a while. You'll want to get Cloyster up with 2 energy and then unless a fury of Hammers and Flare Grunts. With the twin Electrode draw power, you'll have plenty of turns where you Flare Grunt an energy off the active, Enhanced Hammer a special off something else, land a coin flip off a Crushing Hammer and get rid of something else, and with Victini on the bench you have a 75% chance to remove another energy and paralyze their active.


This cripples a lot of decks (sans Blastoise/Emboar decks or decks using Tropical Beach). But the popular decks that feed off of energy recycling (Plasma/Dark/Fairy/VirGen) still need AN energy to make things work. Fairy and VirGen usually don't run energy retrieval methods, and Plasma/Dark run either easier energy to remove (specials) or rely on less energy and use items and attacks to get the energy back out (Dark Patch/Yveltal and Thundurus' knuckle).


As they take a few earlier prizes by slowly getting through their deck and getting to their energy and getting it out, just keep playing smart with Hooligan's when their hand size is down to about 4 or lower, and use your hammers and Flare Grunts at the right times. You never know when your opponent can't get to another energy and ends up passing a turn.


Anyways, if you can get them to fill their bench and then stall on energy/cards in hand, that's when you send out Kyurem to Glaciate for 30 on all their guys.


I've played all the decks described above and against each I've found ways to run them dry, stall them out and then hit all their guys for 30 and watch them either draw and pass or just forfeit. One game I took out 5 benched EXs at once on my last attack.


I get many people tell me it's the most annoying deck they've played against, and I get a ton of forfeits (in late game though, so reward tokens are still given). Even with the few bad games while I was still figuring out the engine and finding the attackers, I'm 11 wins in 18 games with it. It's easily my most fun deck to play just because it is never out of the game. It's not more consistent or more powerful than my RayBoar deck or Dark deck, but it's just so much fun. So I thought I'd share.

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