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Have TOns of EX and Tropical Beach Card


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Hei there, i have tons of EX and would like to trade them for XY packs.. please reply here if any of u are interested.. TQ


x2 Absol

x2 Blastoise Deluge

x3 Snorlex Block

x4 Garchomp Mac Cut

x4 Gotitelle Magic Room

x2 Hydreigon Dark Trance


x1 Black Kyurem EX reg

x1 Cobalion EX reg

x3 Ho-Oh EX reg

x1 Landorus EX regular (BC)

x1 White Kyurem EX reg (BC)

x4 Latias EX reg

x1 Thudurus EX reg

x1 Tornados EX reg

x1 Genesect EX FA

x3 Genesect Ex reg

x2 Jirachi Ex reg

x3 Virizion EX reg

x2 Victini EX reg

x1 Ecadrill Ex reg

x1 Emolga (**********]

x3 Darkrai (LT)

x1 White Kyurem (LT)

x3 Meloetta EX reg

x3 Meleotta EX (******]

x5 Mew EX (**********]

x3 Shymin (**********]


x1 Black Kyurem Blue Diamond Coins

x1 Team Plasma Silver Rainbow Coins


x3Tropical Beach 2011


ace spec:

x1 Victini Piece

x1 Computer Search

x1 Dowsing Machine

x1 Life Dew

x1 G- Booster

x1 G-Scope


other Trainer:

x2 Enhanced Hammer

x3 Dark Patch

x5 Float Stone

x3 Frozen City

x6 Shadow Triad

x5 Superior Energy Retrivel

x4 Team Plasma Ball

x4 Rare Candy

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