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self trading


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ive found that you can trade with yourself if you find yourself in the public trading area, you dont always appear on the list, but it can be done, i went ahead and tried it to see what it would do, both items that are traded to yourself are a complete loss, now me, i traded xerneas ex for yanma.

probably wont be getting those back, but i thought id give you guys the info, ill let you know if i find more.


EDIT: interesting... it appears that about an hour after the trade, both items are returned.


ill try to provide a screen cap for the transaction.

(could not be done)


update #2: it appears that even though you have the card that you traded to yourself, the card becomes no longer tradable in public trades, i will update later on private trades.


update #3: it shows ive got them in my collection, but when going into trade, it says its not there.

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Hi Shadowwolf975,


Wow, that's interesting. Thanks for letting us know about it. I will send this up through the channels for assessment.


When you get the screen shot, please send in a ticket to the Support Team with your findings so they can have a look and because pictures aren't encouraged in the forums. The screen shot will definitely help investigate.


You can send the Support Team a ticket by clicking the link in my signature if needed.


Thank you again!

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