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Trevenants for sale!


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What's up guys?! This is your friendly neighborhood rcube who happens to have a bunch of Trevenants on sale for just two XY packs. Now I know they are listed on other trade threads at 4 packs which is alot, and you'll find that virtually ALL trades with Trevenants and packs on the public trades are for three XY packs. I also think this is alot.


Now I've seen Trevenants used in multiple decks so far, but it's still not very often that I see one in a deck. I myself am a fan of Trevys (#6 on my personal Top 10 Pokemon), so it is my mission to make them more accessible to the public and spread the Trevy love. It's for that reason why I decided to lower the normal par and sell them for two packs each. If you want to take advantage of this offer you can be cool and send a private trade OR you can be super cool and friendly by sending a PM! Please feel free to converse with me :) I do enjoy a good ol' fashioned banter!


Anyways, my friends, that is what is happening in the land of the rcube so that brings an end to this wonderfully informative and entertaining broadcast. You will now be brought back to your regularly scheduled program. This is the rcube signing off, saying good luck in all of your future endeavors! Fight harder AND smarter, trainers!


rcube out.

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