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They're still not correct?


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Hey guys, it's me again.

I would also establish a question whether this game will continue the way it is?!

because you haven't still fine, there are many bugs in the game. I never tire of complaining this playmat and among other things, the maintenance of the game not coming back as it was? We're waiting a lot, but it seems that the media do what they want, the way they want. Okay, but could ask for advice to players.

I'm hoping if there's going to be tournament or no, so far it's soon. We're tired of making amateur tournaments. And the Gems, only to Canadian players? and the others?

I hope the news will soon arrive, and please don't let the most childish game as is, Nintendo lost a lot with this client.

Have a Nice Day.

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Hello trainer!


The Tournaments and Gem features are still in the works, and we appreciate your patience and support in the meantime. I'll let the team know about your feedback and leave this thread open for discussion.


Thanks for your input!

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