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[W] Variety of ultra rares and rares, or packs [H] Packs+UR cards


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Hi everyone! Here's what my wants list currently looks like:



2 FA Mewtwo EX

2 Trubbish LTR

2 FA Yveltal EX

1 FA Darkrai EX

1 SR Gardevoir

2 FA Virizion EX

3 SR Emboar NXD

3 FA Rayquaza-EX

3 SR Exeggcute

1 SR Sigilyph

1 SR Dusknoir

2 Greninja

4 SR Garchomp



2 KSS Crushing Hammer

1 SR Ultra Ball

2 SR Random Receiver



2 HGSS Darkness Energy

7 HGSS Psychic Energy

3 HGSS Grass Energy

7 HGSS Fighting Energy

3 Prism Energy


And I have these ultra rares for trade: Black Kyurem-EX BCR, 2 Blastoise-EX, Chandelure-EX, Cresselia-EX, 2 Darkrai-EX LTR, 1 Dialga-EX, 2 Heatran-EX, 2 Ho-Oh-EX, 1 Jirachi-EX, 1 Kyogre-EX, 1 Kyurem-EX PLB, 2 Landorus-EX BCR, 3 Latios-EX, 2 Mew-EX DRX, 1 M Venusaur-EX, 1 Registeel-EX, 1 Reshiram-EX LTR, 1 Terrakion-EX, 1 Tornadus-EX PLF, 1 Victini-EX LTR, 1 White Kyurem-EX LTR, 1 Xerneas-EX, 1 Zapdos-EX, 2 FA Cobalion-EX, 1 FA Groudon-EX, 1 FA Heatran-EX, 1 FA Mew-EX DRX, 1 FA Registeel-EX, 3 FA Shaymin-EX LTR. I have a ton of other rare competitive cards such as Empoleon, Blastoise, Dusknoir, Garchomp, and trainers like Bicycle, Virbank, Skyla, Scramble Switch, etc! Just check out my binder.


The packs I have are: 1 DRX, 1 BCR, 19 PLS, 3 PLF, 39 PLB, 62 LTR. I also have 1 Chespin KSS starter deck, 1 Mind Wipe theme deck, and 1 Solar Strike theme deck.


And as always, I'm offering my cards for your packs to increase the packs I have to trade for cards I want. If I'm selling cards for your packs, I will undercut Top Cut Trading. If I'm buying your cards with my packs, I ask you to undercut Top Cut Trading. If I'm trading card for card, I will like to use the prices at TC to equal out value.

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