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Cbat's Sat Tourneys!


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Registration now Open. ( Remember to check the banned cards list. )

My apologies, I had a death in the family and traveled. Tournaments will be ongoing still.


Will check forums for registration up until 20 minutes from the tournaments start. 7 PM EST




Be sure to take a look at my league! "Becoming Ash: Kanto"

If you cant make the time for this then you have a lot more leniency for that. (It will be difficult though.)


How this came to be...


In the lobbies, I seen many people try to run a tournament from scratch. Needless to say, It was bad. I noticed many disappointed people left in the lobby after the Host became frustrated after the first round and left. I stepped up, ran a whole new tourney and It went off pretty smoothly all things considered. I enjoyed it and am going to continue to run them every Saturday.


(This thread will be changing and made to look neater)]


Specific Prizes will be given out for 1st-4th (TBD weekly)



Week #5

1st. Yveltal Ex FA







Donations are very much appreciated and I will try to fit them into the prizes of either "Becoming Ash: Kanto' Leage or put them as prizes in this tournament.


Let me know in game and not through comments here. thank you.


Participating prizes will be given out to 5th-16th by prize pool. 5th will have 1st pick of the prize pool and it will go down the line. You must stick around in the lobby for the prize pool. This will happen while the top 4 play their matches.



Current Prize Pool

Garchomp LT


Sigilyph (TB)


Mr Mime


Rare Candy


There were issues with people not being around for their prizes. you get skipped and when you show up, you get to choose from whats left.


When is it?

Every Saturday! 7-10 pm EST (subject to change, because I don't want to interfere with other tournaments going on)


Seeding points will allow me to manage brackets more efficiently. Earn points by making top 8.

5th-8th net you 1 point.

3rd and 4th earn 2

2nd 3

1st 5
















Winners and their prizes. (prizes will get better over time.)


Sat #1 lolpsyduck - Lugia EX Full Art

Sat #2 sbyoungmoney - Xerneas EX Full Art

Sat #3 Bubba 98 - Xerneas EX Full Art

Sat #4 Oldguy05 - Yveltal EX Full Art




Modified format,16 man Single Elimination, 1 round. (subject to change)

Banned Card List (see special rules)

1. Plasma Energy (Micah477)

2. Dark patch (Wairz)

3. Skyla


You can change decks between matches.

Here is some unwanted information on why this is a thing. I do not come from the TCG community, I come from the FGC (Fighting game community). In fighting games, a bad match-up comes up all the time. Learn to play against it, or use multiple characters. Same goes for this! If you know your opponent well and know they only play one deck, counter them, I dont care?, but when they counter your counter with something you forgot they played... well. #mindgames


But I would like for you to not talk in the chat about your opponents deck.

If your friends with someone, send them a pm and tell them, I dont care.



2nd place gets to choose a card to ban for the next 3 weeks, the 4th banned card will rotate out the 1st.


I thought this through! Its an unbiased way of keeping things fresh without changing too much but at the same time, can change everything for the previous winner.


We have done this in fighting game tournaments as well and it seems to be a huge hit.

Sign ups for the next tournament. March 29th


1. Maxgoddy

















Do not play ahead of time! We will meet in a lobby (depends which is emptiest) I will post in all lobbies which lobby to be in at 7 P.M. EST! The first ten minutes I will go over the pairings and prizes again. During this time, If your opponent is there, ignore me, pm your opponent, and play.

If you arnt there, your name will be knocked off the bracket. Post win/loss in chat when you are through.


Also! If you are knocked out early and do not want to stick around for the prize pool (during top 4) Pm me your preferenced list. (the prize pool cards in the order you'd like them.)



Also, Seeding points will decide 5-8th. 3rd & 4th will be decided by another battle or the agreement of prizes between players.

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I'd like to sign up! It's great to see another host! Seeding points are an amazing idea too BTW =o

Is this tournament modified format? I may have missed reading the format in the OP.


PS: Fighting games are awesome #SmashBros

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I'd like to sign up! It's great to see another host! Seeding points are an amazing idea too BTW =o

Is this tournament modified format? I may have missed reading the format in the OP.


PS: Fighting games are awesome #SmashBros



Funny you say that. For the longest time people in the FGC and the smash community were divided. (until recently)


Smash had an outstanding amount of Hype last year at Evolution 2013 and things have since been changing.

previously, people would say smash wasnt a fighting game. (the creator even said so, imagine the fuel that gave the FGC)


anyways. I moved format under rules where its easier seen.


Its modified.

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I would love to participate again! If I'm not online when you want to start just replace me with someone else!


At that point I'd like to thank Cbat again for his good work in the first tournament! Organization/Prices were awsome!


Happy trading/Happy battleing to everyone!

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