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Tournament Series: Fame & Glory!


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Hello trainers,


I will be hosting a series of tournaments throughout the next couple of months. I think the community could use a boost on the competitive scene. This is an attempt to help achieve that goal. Hope all the participants will enjoy the tournaments.





1. Best-of-three single elimination.

2. Brackets will be generated on Challonge.

3. Modified mode.

4. Amount of participants: Eight, sixteen or thirty-two. (No byes)




1. This 1st tournament's of the series special rule: You cannot run any Pokemon EX in your decks!

2. Deck lock per round. You are only allowed to change your deck after you advance to a new round.

3. Exploiting bugs is prohibited at all times.

4. Fair play and sportsmanship above all. Be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.

5. Sign up by stating your intention to participate in this tournament and include your timezone in your post. First come, first served.

6. Deadline for sign-ups: February 28th, 10:00AM PST or 6:00PM GMT.

7. Deadline for each round: Five exact days after the beginning of the previous round. In case you are having trouble scheduling with your opponent, request an extension from the Tournament Organizer. I can only allow a 24-hour extension, max.

8. Breaking any of the tournament rules will result in an automatic disqualification from the tournament, and possibly a ban from future ones.

9. TO's final ruling is law.





Q) How does the single elimination format work?


A) It's pretty straightforward; you lose a round/bo3, you are automatically eliminated from the tournament.



Q) How do I schedule a game with my opponent?


A) By communicating through personal messages in-game.



Q) I can't schedule a game with my opponent because he doesn't reply to my PMs.


A) If a participant goes AWOL, their opponent will get a bye. (an auto-win)



Q) My opponent and I weren't able to play our games before the deadline although we had an extension. Who advances?


A) If both players fail to meet the deadline despite having an extension, the win will be awarded to the player who has demonstrated more effort in trying to play the bo3. If the TO deems that both equally tried to play, a coin flip will determine who advances to the next round.



Q) I would like to participate, but I'm not confident that I can commit the time for this tournament.


A) I will do my best to match you up with participants from a similar timezone to yours. However, as you progress through the rounds, it is likely that you will face participants from very different timezones; therefore, it is encouraged that you only sign up if you feel you are able to complete your games before each round deadline.




Finally, the prizes:


Supreme Champion: Nine XY packs and an invitation to the Series Finale!

Worthy Adversary: Seven XY packs.

Third place: Five random packs.






If you have any questions or if you spot any mistakes in the rules or FAQS, do let me know, please.

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List of participants and their timezones:


1. Micah477. GMT+8

2. Diaframe. EST

3. Grizzlych. GMT+1

4. Takkupanda. GMT+5.5

5. Chad88. GMT+2

6. Jasonwee. GMT+8

7. Sactwu. GMT+1

8. Rcube. PST

9. Seeker33. GMT+1

10. NWC. GMT+8

11. Jiamingz. GMT+8

12. Knucklesjess. EST

13. Buenas30. GMT+8

14. Cymantex. GMT+1

15. Alexhexor. GMT+0

16. Jezargo. CST



Supreme Champion: Nevol13


Worthy Adversary: Jasonwee


Third place: Grizzlych

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Four days until signups are closed and there's still plenty of room left to join. Looking forward to see what kinda decks everybody will be playing. :)

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Added you, Knucklesjess.


Just under 36 hours until signups are closed. Four spots left to fill! I will add two more packs for each of the top 3 if we get 16 players!


Hurry and sign up! :cool:

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