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Psychic Mirage still affects Psychic Energy in play after KO...


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When Gardevoir with the ability Psychic Mirage is KO'd, the previously existing basic Psychic Energy in play (perhaps only the existing energy on the next Pokemon) is still being counted as 2 Psychic instead of just 1.





I had a Munna (NXD 58) with no energy cards attached and a Mewtwo (NXD 54) with one Psychic energy card attached on the bench, and a Gardevoir (NXD 57) active with 2 Psychic energy cards attached. My opponent KO'd my Gardevoire and I promoted Mewtwo. Mewtwo, still with only a single Psychic energy card attached, was able to attack with X Ball. The defending Pokemon had 5 energy cards attached, and the total damage done was 140, which confirms that the game thought my one Psychic energy card counted as 2 energies.


On the next turn, Mewtwo was still able to use X Ball even with only a single Psychic energy attached. Subsequent Psychic energy cards played only counted as 1 energy, so I think the effect was only applied to the energy cards that were in play at the time the Gardevoir was KO'd.

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