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Missing cards after trade.


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Hello, something really weird happened after accepted trade in private.

I've send an offer to an friend which contain 3 cards, but he accepted it in trade history only 2 cards instead of 3.

Then I've ask my friend he told me that the card is missing in his collection as well.

So where will the card gone? I dont see the card amount increased and my friend dont have it.

Please check my trade history or what so ever, and sending ticket seriously have no respond.

So I rather post here instead.

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Hi LouisValentine,


Sorry, but it's important that you submit a Customer Support ticket for this. Moderators cannot make the type of corrections to your account that might be needed. Whereas, Customer Support can track and correct the issue. This is a known problem for a small number of users. We really need a record of the details in order to figure out and correct the problem.


When you submit a ticket, make sure that you are logged into your account, go to the support portal and "ask a question". Please include the names of the cards involved in the trade, screen name of both parties and date that this happened.



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