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Forum Bug: Cells and Tables


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Tech staff, just now i encountered an error in the editing option of the forums posts. When u try to implement a table, the bbcode that comes with it doesnt work.


Here is a posted example:


Active Challengers:



[TABLE=class: grid, width: 1100]

[TD=width: 160]Username[/TD]

[TD=width: 120]



[TD=width: 60]



[TD=width: 10] Daddy[/TD]

[TD=width: 10] War[/TD]

[TD=width: 10] C_H[/TD]

[TD=width: 10] Rok[/TD]

[TD=width: 10] Nik[/TD]

[TD=width: 10] Super[/TD]

[TD=width: 10] Flub[/TD]

[TD=width: 10] Grizz[/TD]

[TD=width: 10] Cow[/TD]

[TD=width: 10] Mets[/TD][/size]


Sample Player

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If a forum mod/admin could look into it, im pretty sure my code is valid as i tried it both with typing and using the table option on advanced post

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We don't currently have the BBCode for tables enabled on the forums.


Is there a particular reason why? Will it be set back soon or in the near future? I rely on tables al ot for the Trading Card League that we organised the last year here. Since no off forum linking is allowed a table is the only clean optiuon for us to keep track of all the challengers.

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