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My Fairy deck is not legal to play.


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[Content removed - posting links to websites other than official Pokémon sites is not permitted. -Prof. Poplar] < Here is the screenshot i took from the game.


My list is :

1 Rayquaza - Dragon Vault

2 Spritze - XY

2 Aromatizee - XY

2 Xerneas - XY

2 Xerneas EX - XY (1 FA)

1 Terrakion - BC

2 Mewtwo EX - Tin Promo

1 Keldeo EX - Tin Promo


4 Junipers

4 Shauna

2 N

1 Colress


1 Computer Search

2 Enchanced hammer

3 Hypnolasers

4 Maxpotions

1 super rod

3 switch

2 tool scraper

4 ultra ball

2 Muscle band


2 Fairy garden


6 Fairy energy

4 prism energy

2 rainbow energy



I was able to play with it yesterday, today i traded my second xerneas ex. When I create the deck again it show that is not Theme, Unlimited or Standard. So I can't play with it in any mode. Any idea someone?

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this happened to me earlier today. i'm not sure of the cause, but when i logged back on a few hours later i was able to use the deck i made.

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i had this issue because my rainbow energy was a hgss reprint.


i found that out because it actual said the deck was unlimited so i went to modify it. if thats not the case for you it might have to report it.

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