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Stage 1 Friends!


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Hi, I made a deck with all my favourite pokemon and it's really good! This is the deck:


...is a very common opening, with varying levels of spelling prowess, to a lot of deck lists that use a lot of nonviable pokemon and are created by people not very knowledgeable of how to deckbuild and what to check for. I, however, only lead with that opening sentence to point out that it's a generic sentence so I could poke at it in this paragraph giving me a sense of smug self-satisfaction and possibly annoying you reading it at my blatant ego tripping.


That aside, this deck uses a lot of Pokemon that are often high up on people's favorite pokemon list (mine included, though i'm still waiting for a widely playable Masquerain card), while at the same time being able to deal with most, if not all, of the biggest threats the meta-game currently has to offer. It's completely tricked out, there's a lot of really cool and brilliant stuff you can do with it and it's never a boring deck. So, here's the list, complete with really long explanation which is worth reading because I try to make it not boring:


Monsters (20)


1-1 Zoroark NXD (Nasty Plot/Foul Play)

1-1 Dugtrio XY

3-2/1 Flareon PLF/Leafeon PLF

2-2 Raichu XY

2-2 Garbodor DRE (there is only 1 viable garbodor)

1-1 Gyarados LT


Trainers (29)


4 N

4 Juniper

2 Colress

2 Skyla


1 Computer Search

3 Ultra Ball

2 Level Ball

2 Pokemon Catcher

1 Super Rod

1 Evosoda

1 Switch

1 Tool Scrapper


1 Tropical Beach


2 Float Stone

2 Silver Bangle


Energy (11)


4 Double Colorless Energy

4 Rainbow Energy

1 Dark Energy

1 Fighting Energy

1 Water Energy


The decks's aim is to trade for weakness to take down EXs and other big threats in single hits. This is why each Pokemon is in here:


Zoroark: Nasty Plot is a very useful early game tool to take any card you want from your deck, is especially useful early on for grabbing otherwise harder to find cards like DCEs and trainers you run 1 of. Foul Play gives it kills on Pokemon such as Trevenant and Black Ballista Kyurem. It's also useful for nabbing a bench snipe off of darkrai and smacking a stacked Yveltal EX/Mew2 EX


Dugtrio: You use Dugtrio for it's first attack Earthquake, which deals 60 damage for 1 Fighting energy but deals 10 to each of your bench. With a Silver Bangle you one shot Thundurus EX and Darkrai EX, both of which are very scary to this deck when they get going.


Raichu: This little gem is the second XY addition to the deck, and unless you've been living under a rock you'll know that Nazgul EX (Yveltal) is a very good card. Raichu OHKOs it for a Double Colorless, and is the only pokemon that can do so regardless of energy outside of a heavily damaged Zekrom Outrage. We run 2 Because it's your only way of trading with Yveltal EX and you'll really need it in the current meta.


Garbodor: The only non attacker in the deck, Garbodor's strength lies in it's Ability-stopping Ability, Garbotoxin. You run it to stop Genesect EX catchering your bench, to stop Blastoise and Emboar accelerating energy and to stop Free Retreat from Darkrais. It's a very useful card and while there will be games where it's redundant, you can always throw it away with Ultra Ball or Computer Search to make Flareon that little bit happier.


Gyarados: Originally spawned from my desire to run my RH Magikarp (which I HAVE gotten a Soggy Rush 50 damage for game with, suckers!), Gyarados himsself is a really, really beastly card. His attack, Howling Rampage, deals 20 x the number of prizes both players have taken. If you're taken 3 and they've taken 5, that's 160 damage. Gyarados is made of late game tears and there's nothing more pleasing that evolving the Magikarp your opponent foolishly ignored and ripping their combined faces off with a Gyarados smack. The only real downside is there are games where you start lone magikarp, but due to no attacking on the first turn it's nowhere near as bad as it was.


Flareon: Made infamous by Pooka, Flareon's Vengeance attack does 20 + 10 for every pokemon in the grave. As late game clean up, Flareon brings a lot of power to the board, and deals with Virizion/Genesect really well, Especially with it's actually quite usable second attack, Heat Tackle, that for a rainbow and a DCE does 90 with 10 recoil, to One-Shot the Grass goliaths at any point in the game. And the Heat Tackle is more common that you'd expect; first turn eevee rainbow energy into signs of evolution, 2nd turn flareon DCE and Heat Tackle.


Leafeon: Otherwise known is Not Flareon, Leafeon has an incredibly strong 1 colorless attack that does 20 x number of energy on board. This essentially turns into 40x if the enemy's name is Keldeo EX or Blastoise. No harm in running it, and can always be dropped if it's not gonna be useful.


Other things outside of monsters worth mentioning are that I only run 12 Supporters. It used to be 10; the Skylas were a Level Ball and a Silver Mirror. 12 is Enough in the deck, you do a lot of thinning so you have greater chances of drawing into them. The only time it's a problem is the first turn, and even then your run a Tropical Beach which can count as 13 (as could your opponent)


I still run a pair of Pokemon Catchers, yes they got nerfed but Catchers Win Games. It's on a flip now but being able to take 2 prizes you wouldn't normally be able to is well worth the deck space, and I personally run 2 in every deck. Don't remove them from your own version until you've tried it.



...And that'll just about wrap it up for the deck. Thank you if you actually read the whole thing, let me know what you think of the deck, and how it worked for you if you tried it because it makes me feel better about writing this much :)


Peace out.

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Guest ArtichokeCat

Well, I've seen Pooka's version that uses Jolteon from DEX instead of Raichu. It has an attack called Electrigun. For one colorless that does 20 damage and says: when you discard a lightning energy from this card, this attack does 40 more damage. Jolteon+lightning discard+silver bangle= instant KO on any lightning weak EX!

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Well, I've seen Pooka's version that uses Jolteon from DEX instead of Raichu. It has an attack called Electrigun. For one colorless that does 20 damage and says: when you discard a lightning energy from this card, this attack does 40 more damage. Jolteon+lightning discard+silver bangle= instant KO on any lightning weak EX!


Raichu is also a very solid attacker regardless of matchup, hitting 100 without a lot of trouble.The Jolteon requires the same rarity of energy as the Jolteon would (4 DCEs, 4 Rainbow), except is ONLY useful vs Yveltal while Raichu has solid damage no matter what it hits. And you don't need a tool for Raichu, either, so you can save them for things that benefit more like Dugtrio and Leafeon.

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Guest ArtichokeCat

Yeah you're right about Raichu being the better overall attacker, because it can OHKO Lugia even if Plasma Umbreon is on their side of the field!

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Guest ArtichokeCat

Without the Gyrados line, this deck is absolutely perfect for the Trading Card League: Battle Frontier on Beginner! I wish i had all of the cards...

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so many 1-1 lines...what if 1 part is prized?

You won't be using every line in every game, for instance dropping Dugtrio against anything that isn't DarkraiEX/ThundurusEX or other fight weaks that exist is plain stupid, and it should be discard fodder. if a 1-1 you NEED has one prized, you make do with the solid damage output from Flareon and Raichu until you eventually draw into it to close out game.

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I respect seeing a new unique deck here will be sure to make and try it out for sure thanks for the list! hope to see more of what you have to offer/create! and wither they turn out good or bad just happy to see/try out!

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