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Game resolution too large for Mac


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Hi all,


I'm having difficulties with actually playing the game. After the recent patch, my game automatically opens in windowed mode, meaning that the bottom half of the game screen is truncated so that when I go to settings > video to uncheck 'windowed mode' so that I can actually see the screen so that I can actually play the game, I cannot save my settings because the save settings button is beyond the bottom of my display. How can this be fixed?

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Hi Kellegend,


In Windows you just use ALT + ENTER to toggle full screen and windowed mode. Mac is a little more varied between different programs and different versions of OS X. Give the following a try:


Command + M

Command + ENTER

Command + H

Command + *

Command + TAB

Command + Shift + *

Control + Command + *


I hope one of these works for you!

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