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FT: Blastoise EX FA, Skarmory EX FA, and Mew EX FA DRX


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I am looking to trade for Yveltal EX, Virizion EX, Darkrai EX, and XY packs. I am familiar with the value of these and my cards. Below is a partial list of what I have. Please make an offer based on what is listed below.



Blastoise FA XY

Skarmory FA XY


Meloetta FA LT x3



Deoxys Promo

Dialga PB

Lugia Promo x2

Lugia LT

Meloetta LT

Mew LT x3

Mewtwo Promo

Palkia PB

Regigigas ND

Reshiram LT

Shaymin LT x4


FA Non-EX:

Emolga FA LT x2

Reshiram FA LT


Ultra Rare:

Aegislash (King's Shield) XY

Blastoise BC

Chandelure ND

Garchomp (Mach Cut) DRX

Hydreigon (Dark Trance) DRX

Machamp PB

Rayquaza LT x2

Scrafty ND

Serperior (Royal Heal) LT

Thundurus LT

Umbreon PF x4

Zekrom LT



Accelgor PB

Archeops NV

Audino BC

Beautifly DRX

Black Kyrurem BC

Cradily PB

Drifblim DRX

Drifblim PB x2

Garchomp (Jet Headbutt) DRX

Hydreigon (Consume) DRX

Meloetta LT

Mismagius LT

Mr. Mime PF

Reuniclus LT

Snorlax PS x2

Tangrowth LT

Uxie PB

Volcarona PB

Watchog PS

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