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Dark/Fire Deck for Arkansas State Championships. LF


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I am not sure if I was suppose to Send this to the Trading Zone or here. But I am trying to make this deck before the State Championships but I am dont think I have enough money to get all of them, or enough cards to trade for some of them. But these are the cards at the moment that I have an idea of that I need for the deck to be completed.


Fire Pokemon:

Pansearx2 w/collect

Simisearx2 w/Stadium Burn

Entei EXx1


Dark Pokemon:

Darkrai EX Promox2

Houndourx1 from Dragons Exalted

Houndoomx2 From Dragons Exalted.

PF Absol 1-2,

PF Umbreonx2



Pokemon Tool cards; Float Stonex2

Team Plasma Badgex2

Stadium Cards: Battle Cityx1, and Pokemon Centerx1


All of these do not need to be shiny, I just need them in general. Please PM me if you can thank you, or let me know if you can when you get to the Arkansas State Championships. I will be there as much as possible. Thanks

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Hello AuraOfNature,


Trading real-life cards on the forums is not permitted, as it would require the exchange of sensitive personal information. In order to protect the safety and privacy of all users, I'll have to close this thread.


Thanks for your understanding! :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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