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WHAT is ptcgo doing?!!!


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Firstly,i had a screwed up trade.

i countered an offer with more packs(31).the offer was created successfully(it should means that its valid right?).BUT when it was accepted.i only received 1 pack and all my cards were gone.i asked the trader [Content removed - posting player information on the forums is not permitted. -Prof. Poplar] to give me a screenshot to prove that he/she has that many packs.but he suddenly changed his/her words and said that its all he/she have.this triggered me to feel that this user is suspicious.so i sent a report on this incident and ask if they(ptcgo) can check on this user's history.


in the meantime i tried to ask for other users if they have trade with this user before and how was the trade(did it go smoothly or not).so that i can gather evidence if any. [Content removed - discussion of disciplinary actions is not permitted on the forums. -Prof. Poplar]


i have lost shaymin ex FA,colress FA,deoxy ex FA,darkrai promo,keldeo promo. in this.


thing is the offer shouldnt even be created if the person doesnt have that much cards/items.ptcgo have the conversation logs.u can go see.this user offered to give 1.5x in PB in replace of XY.if this account is really fraud ptcgo should close it down.if this is the game issue(not user),ptcgo should compensate us the packs and cards.and im willing to apologise here to that user.


i dont usually complain or do this kind of stuff.but this is alot to me.i played very long(since web browser era) and traded alot to have what i have today(tho still cant compare to those rich ppl).i have more of less stopped my Real Life play.if i cant get a satisfactory answer i would probably give this up too.wont even bother to save n get a 3ds anymore.

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I am sorry to hear about this incident.


Thank you for reporting the error already. This sounds like a known trading bug that has been going around. If we find out that you legitimately lost your cards they will be returned to you.


Thank your for your patience.

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Hello randomplayer09,


Posting player information on the forums is not permitted, as it could possibly lead to unfair accusations and personal attacks. It looks like you've already submitted a ticket as well. If you want to report a player in the future, please restrict this report to the support portal and/or an in-game report.


Furthermore, any community member who wishes to discuss or refute a disciplinary action that has been applied to his or her account must submit a ticket via the Pokémon Support Portal. Discussion of disciplinary actions is not permitted on the forums.


Regarding this bug, it has been escalated to the Dev team for investigation, and we thank you for your patience while it is assessed. If you haven't yet, I recommend sending a separate ticket regarding any packs and/or cards you've lost.


Thanks for your continued patience and support! :)

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