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I don't own many cards but wanting to start playing this card game, I tired building a deck with my favorite Pokemon Scyther. Using this site's card database I used the Modified Legal check mark assuming the cards brought up would be okay to use at my only local Pokemon league (1hr drive away). After playing some of the online game, I was excited to try my first experience at the league this morning. I arrived, and there are plenty of people in various age groups. It should have been a fun time. I showed the people in charge my deck list and they told me that half of my deck can not be used. They said the main websites data base is not up to date. I asked if I could still play and whoever I play could just have the win and they said "no". It was a tournament today and not a normal day (whatever that means), so they absolutely refused to let me play.


Is the website truly not up to date?


What sets are you allowed to use? I'm not even sure what set my cards are. I got most of them from a open box at a local store that sells cards but does not hold events.


The cards that they said are bad but are still listed as Modified Legal on the site are:


1) Professor Oak's New Theory

2) Pokemon Collector

3) Interviewer's Questions

4) Energy Exchanger

5) Pokemon Communication

6) Metal Special Energy

7) Skarmory with the Steel Coat and Razor Wing attacks

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