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I have never been a "deck builder." but, i think Chesnaught is awesome so i wanted to try.


Pokemon 16

4-1-4 Chesnaught (Spiky Shield)

3 Virizion EX

2 Venusaur EX

1-1 Serperior Royal Heal


Trainers 30


1 dowsing machine/Computer search (haven't Decided)

2 Escape Rope

2 Heavy Ball

1 Pokemon Catcher

4 Rare Candy

1 Super Rod/Max Potion

2 Switch

1 Tool Scrapper

3 Ultra Ball

4 Juniper

3 Skyla

2 Tropical Beach


Energy 14

10 Grass

4 Double Colorless Energy




Obviously it has horrible matches against rayboar and Chesnaught's high Energy cost is hard to reach and makes mewtwo and Yveltal a threat. Regardless I still think it is fun to play. Gameplan is to set up Chesnaught and most non-ex pokemon wont be able to take a Touchdown+spiky Shield damage. If they don't KO Chesnaught Quickly You can Pretty Much heal with just Touchdown and Royal Heal. Ven is cool pretty similar to Touchdown. I would like to try Mega Venusaur if someone would trade me. Virizion Helps Set up Chesnaught and Venasuar while Helping against lasers and Accelgor.

It is rather difficult playing with a pokemon who must be attacked when a lot of decks can easily do over 160 damage but, i haven't seen any Chesnaught decks and I don't want to sit around and wait for one. I will Gladly Accept any and all advice, I have never made my a deck before I think I need it.

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I think its actually 60 instead of 80. 80 will just be way too OP...


i think he means 60 + chesnaught's ability spiky shield, which actually adds 30 so its actually hitting back at 90

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