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After 02/13/2014 Publis Search Broke


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Behavior has changed from my initial report.

The beach and darkrai now work.


I think that the enter works now, when the refresh button may not have. I may had been using the refresh button.


New Issues:

I believe the Search was enhanced to look at both Getting and Giving. This is nice but makes searching for something much harder. as now when I am looking for something I am also getting people looking to get the card from me. Searching on darkrai now yields 12 pages of results with the mix. Some way to search only on Getting would be nice.


Searching on card number seems to have been removed too or changed and I have not figured it out. Before I could search on darkai FA and see only those. In the current system that method no longer works so again I get 12 pages containing promos, both regulars, and the FA.


Thank for looking at the issue I was going to post that it was working I just wanted to test some more.

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Hello TBurrows9730,


Thanks for sharing your thoughts regarding Trading! I'll have this feedback submitted for review in a jiffy. :)


As always, we appreciate your input!

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