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Friend account is cursed


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My friend joined tcg more than a week ago and his account has the following problems


1- It can't add friends


2- He cant play it says (waiting for response) forever, and when he cancels and trys again (failed to ..)


3- He when he trys to log into the forum it brings up the agree to terms window and when he clicks agree it directs him to the pokemon website so he can't post this here himself


We tried playing on his account on multiple computers and his account is the only one that has these issues..and he didn't do anything shady so I dont think its banned

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Hello healing1000,


This is a known issue which the Dev team is looking into. For now, it may help to log into pokemon.com, access your profile, click "Edit Profile", click "Pokémon TCG Online Settings", change your social settings to "Custom", and change any of those settings to anything other than the default choice. In particular, changing chat to Limited seems to help.


Thanks for your patience!

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Hello trainer!



From the latest announcement at http://www.pokemontcg.com/forums/announcement.php?f=524&a=64:

The community recently alerted us to a bug which prevented accounts created after February 1st from accessing the Friends and Chat features of the game. Additionally, these users could connect to the PvP server, but would be left in the "Searching for opponent" state indefinitely. We identified the cause of this bug and released a hotfix to address it yesterday evening. Users who continue to experience connection issues with the Social or PvP features of the game should log in at http://www.pokemon.com/support and submit a support ticket for further assistance.



I'll be closing this thread now. Thanks for your patience!

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