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LF FA Yveltal EX(s)


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Let's post in the right section of the forum this time!


I'm looking for 1x FA Yveltal EX and XY packs.

Below I have a list of cards I'm willing to trade. It's not much, hopefully it can still work out somehow.

Just pick out what you want and post what you're trading the FA Yveltal EX(s) and/or XY packs for.


I'm currently having a 1,5 ratio on all cards (except from XY). For example FA Juniper would be 12/1,5 = 8 XY packs.

I value FA Yveltal EX at 16 XY packs, I might still overpay depending on the cards in the trade. So don't be shy to make slightly unreasonable offers.




1x Black Kyurem PS (Black Ballista)

1x FA Blastoise

1x Chandelure

1x FA Cobalion

3x FA Deoxys

1x RA Genesect

1x FA Ho-Oh EX

1x RA Keldeo BC

2x RA Keldeo LT

1x RA Landorus

3x FA Lugia

1x Mega Venusaur

1x Mega Blastoise

1x RA Mewtwo LT

1x FA Rayquaza

1x FA Skarmory

1x FA Thundurus

1x RA Thundurus PF

1x RA Tornadus DEX

1x FA Venusaur

1x FA Victini

1x RA Virizion

1x RA Xerneas

+ More EXs with lower demand



1x Empoleon

1x Max Potion

2x Pokemon Catcher

1x Rare Candy

1x Reshiram

1x Terrakion

1x Virizion

1x Zekrom



1x Absol

1x Ampharos

3x Celebi

3x Donphan

2x Electrode

2x Feraligatr

1x Kingdra

1x Lanturn

1x Machamp

4x Magnezone

3x Mew

1x Scizor

1x Steelix

2x Typhlosion

1x Ursaring

4x Yanmega



1x DCL bottom

1x REL bottom

1x Ho-Oh top

2x PDL top

1x PDL bottom

1x RSL top



2x Palkia

1x Raikou

1x Suicune



4x Altaria (fight song)

1x RH Aromatisse

4x Blastoise (3 PB, 1 BC)

2x Chandelure (Cursed Shadow)

1x Chandelure (Flare Navigate)

1x Charizard LT

1x Chesnaught (Spiky Shield)

1x Cobalion LT

2x Cofagrigus (six feet under)

1x RH Crobat (Night Sight)

1x Dusknoir (Sinister Hand)

4x Electrode (Magentic Draw)

3x Emboar (2x LT, 1x RH BW)

4x Empoleon (Diving Draw)

2x Garbodor (Garbotoxin)

3x Garchomp BC (Mach Cut)

4x Garchomp LT (Mach Cut)

2x Gardevoir (Psychic Mirage)

4x Hydreigon (Dark Trance)

1x Kyurem LT (Glaciate)

1x RH Sigilyph BC (Safeguard)

2x RH Sigilyph LT (Safeguard)

4x Sigilyph PB (Tool Box)

1x RH Terrakion LT (Retaliate)

4x Victini (Victory star)

1x RH Zoroark BW

+ More


HS Rares:

1x RH Cleffa CoL

3x RH Ninetales (2x HGSS, 1x CoL)

1x RH Slowking CoL

2x Smeargle (1x UD, 1x CoL)

1x RH Tyrogue CoL



1x FA Juniper

1x FA Ghetsis

4x Of most common trainers and special energy cards outside of XY



1x FA Team Plasma Giratina

1x FA Cobalion NV

2x FA Victini NV



5x XY packs

20x LT Packs

20x PB Packs

20x PF Packs

20x PS Packs

20x NXD Packs



SR = Secret Rare

SL = Shiny Legendary cards from the Call of Legends set

RA = Regular art

FA = Full Art

RH = Reverse Holographic/Foiled

NV/PF/BC etc. = Set names. Noble Victories/Plasma Freeze/Boundaries Crossed

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Update: I just traded for another FA Yveltal EX. This was the offer:

1x FA Mewtwo EX

1x Mew Prime

1x Kyurem LT

1x XY pack


1x FA Yveltal EX

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Sounds like a deal. I'll try to send you an offer in game.



Edit: I looked into your binder and didn't find any XY packs. Could you tag them?

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I've updated the list with some more cards. I'm still looking for 1x FA Yveltal EX and XY packs.

Make sure to trade your XY packs while they're hot!

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