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LF Delphox and other XY goodies offer FA genesect and more!


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2 Genesect EX (1 FA)

2 Excadrill EX

1 Keldeo EX LT

1 Reshiram EX promo

3 Shaymin EX LT

1 Tornadus EX plasma FA

1 Victini EX LT

2 White kyurem EX 1 LT and 1 promo

1 Cresselia EX

2 Heatran EX 1 FA

1 Jirachi EX

1 kyurem EX LT

1 Latios EX

1 lugia EX promo

10 Meleotta EX 5 FA

7 Mew EX LT

2 Palkia EX

2 FA bianca


i also have a bunch of rares i dont want to list Blastoise, Garbodor Etc...


I need


2 Venusuar EX

2 M venusuar EX

2 Delphox mystical fire

3 Aegislash 2 blade 1 sheild

4 Honedge

3 Trevenant

4 Red card

4 professors letter

2 Emboar LT preferred

or XY packs


i am online now and i will be on most of tomorrow. Delphox is top priority, You could just send me offers if you would like.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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