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New Update Issues


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I have to say I that I am very disappointed in the latest update. While in some ways there were some very nice improvements, there are too many steps backward in this version. When I think of Pokemon I think of two main things...


1) The ability to trade cards with people

2) The ability to battle with people using the decks we've created


On both these fronts, this new update has not gone well. Let's take a look at the trading screen first.


First and foremost, it's unusable in it's current form. You can't search on a card to find only those trades that have that card involved. You can't get rid of trades you don't have the cards for. There are literally 350 pages of trades that you have to manually sift through to find the cards you're looking for. You also cannot tell if it's the EX version or the regular version of the card without opening the listing. Almost any software company out there, when they are looking to improve a GUI, will look to reduce the # of clicks needed not increase them and in this case the developers have failed.


Second, battling has had some major issues as well with multiple battles being opened at once, and battles not being found at all (at least this has been happening for me). The cards in a battle are also much harder to see. While the main card is somewhat easier the remaining cards are not. Also, it appears that the developers have removed some of middle video options now for resolution. Before there were a couple mid-tier options like 1280 by X or 1600 by X (can't remember the exact resolution). However now, on my Mac it's either 1920 x 1080 (which if not Full screen is WAY too big) or 1024 X 768 which is WAY too small. What happens if you don't run it at the largest size is that things just get too fuzzy and then everything becomes unreadable.


I would implore you to fix this back to the original functionality (not the original screen look and feel) but the functionality especially in the trading area as soon as possible as it has really hurt the ability to test XY decks prior to States and other tournaments due to the difficulty in finding trades for cards.


From a functionality standpoint and new capabilities. I've mentioned these before but


1) Can we add a filtering capability to the trading screen similar to those on the other screens where you can filter on set, type, EX, trainer, etc. It seems like a natural capability to have. The code set for this is something you probably already have but you just need to integrate it to that section of the code.


2) Can we also have the ability to filter not just on cards that we would be trading for but also cards that are wanted. For example.....in the old system obviously (not now since it doesn't work) you would type in something like "Garbodor" and it would find all the trades that had Garbodor in the "I am Getting" section. Instead, what if I had an extra one and wanted to search for all trades where someone wanted Garbodor. Again, seems like an easy thing to add and would aid those with extra cards to find out if there was something they could get for it.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope you really are looking at correcting the functionality fairly quickly.



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Hi Greptiki,


Thanks so much for your feedback and effort in creating this list. I'm sending it up for review now.


It looks like an official thread has been made for issues regarding the new update so feel free to discuss any additional issues or feedback there: http://www.pokemontcg.com/forums/showthread.php?39807-Official-feedback-thread-for-game-version-2-17


Thanks again!

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Thank you for responding. Hopefully it was not taken too negatively as I do think there are some good things that were brought into the game.


Also...for those that don't know...I didn't until today. You can search for XY cards in the trading screen. I found it buried in a forum post but you have to search a very specific way.


For example, if you want to find a Trevenant (which is card #55 in the XY set), if you type in "xy1_55" it will pull back only those cards. Now I had to hit the page forward and page back button for some reason as well but it did work for me. I hope this helps others!

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