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Evosoda, Fairy Garden


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Card: Evosoda

Card Number: XY #116

Expected Action: Evosoda should not function during a player's first turn, regardless of whether they play first or second.

Actual Action: Evosoda was usable on the first turn for a player going second, and allowed a Stage 1 Pokemon to be used on the first turn.

Steps to Reproduce: At the start of a match, go second, and draw an Evosoda and a Basic Pokemon that can evolve in your initial hand. Use the Evosoda.



Card: Fairy Garden and Aegislash and Fairy Energy

Card Number: XY #85/#86; XY #117; XY #140

Expected Action: Aegislash with a Fairy Energy attached while Fairy Garden is in play should be able to retreat for free.

Actual Action: The game requested selection of energy cards to discard when attempting to retreat Aegislash after stance changing using its Ability, even with Fairy Garden in play, a Fairy Energy attached, and no Ability or effect in play that would increase the cost of retreating or nullify the effects of a Stadium.

Steps to Reproduce: Use Aegislash's Stance Change ability, then attempt to retreat it while it has a Fairy Energy attached and Fairy Garden is in play. Note: A similar bug may occur with Darkrai EX's Dark Cloak ability and Dark Energy.

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Hi Stelaria,


Thanks for the details on this issue. I'm sending it up for review now.


Thanks again for your dedication and effort!

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