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Discount XY Rares!


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I am trading my rares for XY packs only. I only have a small stock, but I will go very cheap.

They will all be available on PUBLIC: [Content removed - posting links to websites other than official Pokémon sites is not permitted. -Prof. Poplar]


XY rares


FA Blastoise (1 only)- 6 packs

FA Emolga (1 only)- 3 packs



Aegislash (3 kings and 2 Buster)

Raichu (1 only)

Cloyster (1 only)

Chespin ability (1 holo and non holo)




XY trainers


Red Card

4 for 1 pack


Hard Charm

2 for 1 pack



Sigilyph toolbox squad

4 Sigilyph (2 holo)

4 Trubbish (toolbox)

4 Surskrit

2 Masq


all for 4 xy packs


add me and pm me!

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You have your FA Emolga in Public for 3 XY packs that are the "5 cards each XY packs", not the 10 card normal XY packs, fyi. Unless you've done that on purpose, then I'm just being annoying, and if so, I apologize, lol

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