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Can't play on PvP ranked mode


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Since the update, I've not been able to battle anyone in ranked mode. I can only play practice matches.


When I choose Random Battle > Ranked > my unlimited deck > and then hit "Play Now", a pop-up window titled "Searching" comes and says "waiting for response".......but it will stay on this window forever and then I have to exit. Been trying it for 2 days now and same thing, have not been able to battle anyone random player online.


I'm using Windows 7, Pokemon server version 2.17.923, and the client version


Prior to update, I was playing fine with others online in PvP random mode

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I somehow was able to fix it on my own: i went to pokemontcg online and then edited my in-game profiles. Under the social preferences, I switched everything to limited. Then when i started the game, i was able to join PVP ranked mode.!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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