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Darkrai Dusknoir:)


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Hi everyone,


I came up with a new deck list lately and wanted to get some feedback about it. It is a very tight deck and i have over 60 cards so i'm debating on which cards to take out. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks:)


Pokemon (14)

3 sableye

3 darkrai ex

1 yveltal ex

2-1-2 dusknoir line (added a dusclops for trevenant)

1 mr. mime

1 absol (for suicune, sigilyph etc.)


Supporters (11)

4 Juniper

4 N

3 Skyla


Items (28)

2 rare candy

4 ultra

4 laser

4 dark patch

3 muscle band

1 prof's letter

2 random receiver

2 enhanced hammer

1 switch

1 dowsing machine

2 red card

2 scrapper



Stadiums (3)


2 virbank

1 frozen city (for emboar and blastoise matches)


Energy (10)

10 dark


That totals up to 66 cards! I can't decide which cards to take out:)

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I think you should thin out Ultra ball, red card, and one N at the least so it will make if not less than 63 cards in your deck! I would take out frozen city completely or substitute it because you cant crush the fact the lost of plasma Pokémon are still being played like Genesect EX and Deoxys EX and it will hurt you more then them. But if you have been playing against those decks lately like lots of energy decks, be my guest to use if you think the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. It too seems that you are trying to fill a lot of spaces and counter a lot of good decks currently in the format. My suggestion is that if you are not playing unlimited with the original cards cards or are/will use this deck in real life, you should pinpoint decks that are new to the format and counter them and likely this deck will stay in the meta game more often. It also seems that you have lots of trainers/supporters/ stadium cards, while having a lots of them; more than half your deck is not recommended since people still play Pokémon like Exploud(I used to. in a round deck. it can possibly discard a lot of trainers in your hand with its first attack, btw it also does good against EXS and has a chance of doing 250 damage. ) That being said; your deck might lose some matches to those kinds of disruption decks. and should concentrate more on the Pokémon and more basic or special energy instead. Sorry this is so lengthy but I put all my suggestions here. Best of luck, - The Shiny Dialga

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the dusknoir line has been considered before in the early days of the catcher errata. basically if your deck runs rare candy and you ran 4 catchers in that deck, switching out the 4 catchers for a 2-2 line of dusknoir works pretty nice so I'm thinking maybe you can switch out the build for maybe something like a hydreigon deck?


iff you want my suggestions for removing 6 cards I would pick:

1 laser, 1 ultra ball, 1 masterball, 1 muscle band based on the justification that you can hunt it back

1 dark energy, because i think with dark patch and junk hunt working you can probabaly afford losing another

I would argue that virbank laser is quite sufficient t handle safeguard pokemon normally, they don't really hurt that much and withyou line of ex pokemon you can take a few hits from them whereas they can't really take much even from virbank poison, so absol is something to consider also, though i don't deny that absol can prove useful in more situations that just safeguard

definitely having enhanced hammer really will get you a big advantage when faced against plasma and the special energy decks , and I can't deny the advantage of 2 hammers, but I guess whe you're tight on space it might be reasonable to drop 1? having 1 hammer and hunting it back to use again is quite the advantage still

I don't agree with the suggetion to drop frozen city, I think blastoise is still very prominent and now that we're eeing emboar more these days I think frozen city and dowsing is a handy combo to have nearby,worse case frozen city can still be used as discard fodder for various cards in the deck


last thing I would say is that because sableyeis so important to the deck and that the deck does discard quite a fair bit, maybe super rod is something to add? I know you were asking for stuff to dump, but hey, thought its worth mentioning

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These responses really helped a lot. I was considering doing hydreigon and will probably end up trying them both out before states. Thanks again:)


P.S. Chronophysicist: I dont have masterbll this deck so is there a different card you think i could take out? Thanks:) Also, I might need to take out some more extra cards so i can add that super rod and a few energy switch. Thanks for all the ideas:)

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lol I have no idea how I ended up with that masterball there.


dunno what else might be a good thing to remove, maybe 1 tool scrapper? just because its hunt-able and in most cases I think having 1 is kinda decent, dowsing can act as a second in certain situations I guess

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this day aand age its probs better than straight darkra but i can't guarantee its effectiveness after adding the dusknoir line and xy set, have not had chance to really test xy

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If you really have been in game long enough and have cards to trade (good ones that is) then I suggest you play Pooka's deck. You can watch the video where he shows you the list and tests the deck on [Content removed - discussion of or attempts to direct users to websites other than official Pokémon sites is not permitted. -Prof. Poplar]. Hope this helps. Which hydreigon are you talking about I may have that one. :) Super rod and energy switch is very useful too! suggest adding it...

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