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What does delphox say ?


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Looking for a 3-3-3 Delphox line and 3 muscle bands


I have 20 assorted pax for trade, including :


P storm X8

Dragons ex X5


EP X 2

P freeze X1

P blast X1



I am willing to trade all 20 pax for the 12 cards, provided the Delphoxes and Musl bands are Holos


If someone feels they wish to complete this trade, I have all pax tagged for trade.


Send me the offer and/or reply here.


I am on a 3 day mute and cannot respond in the trade lobby, thanx.

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I'll give you 2 holos for 4 packs. Also I could get you any card from the Genesect Theme Deck around next weekend (Except for Genesect EX) because I ordered a **** ton of stuff on **** using money I got for doing chores. (Earned 50 Bucks. Got Pokémon Rumble U, 8 Booster Packs, A theme deck, and 2 pokemon plushes imported form japan)

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