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2.17.239 | February 5, 2014


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General: Various fixes to card bugs and game bugs.


General: The game client now displays complete card images to the user on demand, rather than dynamically building the image each time it is viewed. This change improves load times and reduces overall system usage.


General: The Global Nav Bar has been updated. The Chat and Friends features can be accessed via a menu in the upper-left corner of the screen. The Profile, Avatar, and Settings features can be accessed via a menu in the upper-right corner of the screen.


General: The user interface has been updated for Trainer Challenge, Versus Mode, Collection, Shop, Trading, and gameplay.


General: Card appearances and foil effects have been updated.


Shop: Code cards found in Pokémon TCG: XY booster packs and theme decks can now be redeemed in the Shop.


Shop: Booster credits have been retired. Unredeemed booster credits in user accounts have been replaced with an equal number of assorted Black & White Series booster packs (through Black & White—Boundaries Crossed).


Trainer Challenge: The number of difficulty settings has been reduced from four to three.




General: When a player views a particular card for the first time, the game client will display a placeholder image while it loads the card image. This can create a delay in the display of cards during a match or in a Collection. Once the player has seen the card for the first time, the placeholder image should no longer appear.


General: The game client patcher is not compatible with version 1.10 or earlier of the game client. Users who have not updated since the release of version 1.10 must uninstall the game client and use the latest game installer before the patcher will function properly.


General: Some cards are missing foil effects or using the incorrect foil effects.


Gameplay: Some popup windows retain the old user interface.


Gameplay: Pokémon cards are no longer dynamically updated when an effect makes adjustments to their text. For example, while Aspertia City Gym is in play, the HP displayed on Colorless Pokémon is no longer increased by 20, but the effect still applies, and the change in maximum HP is displayed in the Tooltip window.

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