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Can't Post Public Trade ??


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Hi! After the last update i noticed bugs in public trade. If someone else already gave this same info to you , please disconsider this.



When i post a new Public Trade, the same appear in My Trade Offers normally, but some time after is changed to Private Trade and after expired appear in Trade History like Trade Completed (No Packs are discounted from my collection and no card are add ).



My doubt is ; even if my trade offer is changed automaticaly to private, will still appear to other players ??

*All this trade offers was 8 hours



Other bug is the time left to offer expired, a lot appear negative .



Thanks, and sorry any gramatical errors :)

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Hello trainers,


I've you're still experiencing this issue, please submit tickets to the support team with as many clear, concise details as possible and screenshots of the issue. To submit a ticket, simply click the link in my signature, sign in, and click "Ask a Question".


Regarding negative time on trade offers, this should have been fixed earlier in the day. If you continue to notice this, please let us know.


Thanks for your patience!

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