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Pointsplay challenge


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I know you devs have your hands full, but if us players designed a points play system, would you guys implement it?


Lots of people don't have loads of EXs and other cards to play, so by using a similar point system to Warhammer players can play deck cards based on points.


Example: energy cards cost 0 points in a deck, but on an allowance of 100 points an EX card (or some other OP card) would cost you 10 points. (the mathematics here needs to be tweaked, any in favour of helping?)


The idea is, it'd be nice to see some more of the common/uncommon cards played.


I know we can arrange this between ourselves, but you'll always get one noob which spoils it :(

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Thanks for the suggestion! The team loves hearing ideas from players so I'll pass this info along for review. I'll leave the thread open for discussion with other players in the meantime.

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