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Lost Zone deck - help required


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Hey, so I just got back to the game, and I have a lost zone deck that I've built sometime ago, but it lacks something, so I was wandering if someone could help me perfect this deck.



This is what I have in the deck right now:


Darkrai and Cresselia Legend x1

Darmanitan BW-Next Destinies x1

Munna BW-Boundaries Crossed x1

Victini with victory star ability x1

Mewtwo Ex x1

Zangoose Call of legends x1

Raticate BW-Boundaries Crossed x1

Absol Prime x1

Gastly x1

Haunter x1

Gengar Prime x1

Mew Prime x1

Mime Jr x1

Oddish x1

Gloom x1

Vileplume with Allergy Flower Poké-Body x1




Dual ball x1

Pokémon catcher x2

Pokémon Communication x2

Rare Candy x1

Revive x1

Switch x2

Ultra Ball x2

Cheren x2

Cilan x1

Engineer's adjustments x1

Fisherman x1

Flower Shop Lady x1

Interviewer's Questions x1

N x2

Seeker x2

Skyla x1

Indigo Plateau x1

Lost World x1

Eviolite x1

Giant Cape x1

Rescue Scarf x1




Double Colorless x4

Dark x4

Psychic x4



As you can see I have too many cards that shouldn't be in here, but I also need some more cards that aren't here.

When I use this deck I usually have a hard time setting up the deck, because it takes too much time.

I'm really lost on this, so if you could help me, I would appreciate it.


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Personally i would say:

add collector, twins

ditch gloom, add another candy


But, before i can say anything about the pokemon line up, what do you want with the deck lol? cuzy you say its a lost zone deck but there is only one lost zone stadium in it :****

munna, mewtwo darmanitan (or whatever) and raticate seem rather out of place.. my bet is that they are your backup strategy or something like that but Imo they are getting in the way of your lost zone plans..

maybe add a lucardio or something like that... (the old one with the lost zone related attack:P) and maybe another gengar..

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Thank you for your answers.

And yes mewtwo, darmanitan and raticate were backup plan.

So you say I should focus only on trying to get the opponent cards in to the lost zone?

And if yes, then cards like absol prime that focus on sending my pokémons in to the lost zone should get out?

One more thing, what do you think about getting more mime jr., cuz I need to create some sort of wall till I can build the strategy.

Btw the vileplume was in the deck because of it's ability, which would protect me against for example pokémon catchers which would ruin my strategy in the early stages of the game.


What do you mean by "try playing more than 1-2 of certain cards for better consistency?" ?

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your deck numbers so far shows that you're playing mostly 1 of each card or 2 at best which means you're basically going into every game with no plan in mind and just deal with what you're starting hand gives you. it might work out sometimes for you when you're dealt the right cards but it means you won't always be so lucky. playing more of the same cards means ur more likely to draw into those cards and therefore you're more able to depend on that card to implement a strategy

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Oh ok. You're right, I already thought in getting more cards especially mime jr so I can build a good wall, though the other cards like mew prime, gengar prime and so on, are not as easy to get so. Any more advices to build this deck better? Any other Pokémon you think I should add, or more trainer cards that weren't already mentioned? Thanks.

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