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anyone have a suicune?


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hi! I am looking for suicune for my pokemon Y game and want to know if anyone has one for trade.

I have 2 legendaries (3 if u want me to catch and trade you Zygarde) that I can offer for trade.

they are mewtwo and moltres.

mewtwo is modest with 5 perfect IVs

moltres has 4 perfect IVs and is timid

(i get a little impatient when catching legends for their ivs) sorry...


Im just not sure what people would want for a suicune. please let me know though.


Also, I am looking for a chimchar with Iron Fist ability. when I checked GTS I saw people want legends in exchange for weak level 1 chimchars all over the place. tis ridiculous.


Pokemon I'd trade for iron fist chimchar are:

my goodra (iv'd in hp/def/sp.a/ sp.d. ev'd and leveled)

kangaskhan (adamant/iv'd in hp/atk/def/s.d./spd ev'd and leveled)

mudkip (iv'd in 4 - 5 stats/ relaxed nature)

togekiss Iv'd in 5 stats/ calm nature/ trained in Sp. D.& Hp)

I also have a tyrantrum. adamant natured, and knows fire fang (egg move) iv'd in all but Sp.A.

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