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Cant load on mac?


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I have been playing since it first came out on mac no problems, then after the update it won't load. It keeps comin up with


Process: Pokemon Trading Card Game Online [703]

Path: /Applications/The Pokémon Online Trading Card Game/Pokemon Trading Card Game Online.app/Contents/MacOS/Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

Identifier: unity.The Pokémon Company International.Pokemon Trading Card Game Online

Version: Unity Player version 4.1.3f3 (4.1.3f3)

Code Type: X86 (Native)

Parent Process: launchd [154]

Responsible: Pokemon Trading Card Game Online [703]

User ID: 501


I've tried uninstalling by removing to trash and emptying then reinstalling with the same problem occurring.

What can i do to fix this?

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I suggest that you send a ticket into the support team so they can investigate this matter further. To submit a ticket, simply click the link in my signature, sign in, and click "Ask a Question".



Thanks for your patience, and good luck!

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