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Trading my virizion ex RA for other card


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Hi guys, I am looking for emboar sr..as many as i can afford

Cards I am trading:SR Blastoise

Zoroark sr

reuniclus sr

virizion ex RA

gene ex RA

Mew prime

Crobat prime


I only accept 1 to 1 card trade but u can pick any of them for ur sr emboar. I understand different people value their cards differently so pls trade with me only when u think it worth.No additional offer will be given and sr emboar is the only card I am looking for.

Lastly,the special trade possible will be Garbodor sr for CROBAT PRIME. Pls offer me only when you have these 2 and wanted a 1 to 1 trade, funny trade will not be serve(not even declined).Thank you for ur cooperation.All the Best everyone.Happy Chinese New Year to all the chinese

All cards are tagged and 1st come 1st serve.leave a message here or offer me in the game pls =)

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oops...I miss out a gardevoir sr as well.. I have many other ex that i would do for emboar sr and garbodor sr if u want but as usual only 1card to 1 card so feel free to offer if u want.no other offers besides garbo sr and emboar sr. thank-you


Cheers..Happy Trading everyone =D

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