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Game keeps crashing with my intel graphics card, help?


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I was just looking to see if anybody has any information on this issue -


My game worked perfect on my old laptop but as of buying a new one with an Intel graphics card I cant even play ptcg anymore due to crashes. I have looked through the forums for a fix and it seems to be a problem with Intel graphics cards if I am correct. I have updated the drivers to the most recent version but there is still no success, does anybody have any information about what I can do from here or if there are any patches or fixes coming soon?


Thankyou very much,


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Hello logaaaaan,


I've got a bit of light reading for you!


For information on Intel crashes, please check out this thread and this announcement for potential solutions. As some user posts have suggestions as well, reading the entire thread would be very beneficial. :)


If you are not using Windows 8.1 and none of these solutions work for you, please let us know.


Thanks for your patience!

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