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A Computer-friendly Version


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Am I the only one who hopes that they'd make a "lighter version?" Much like a [Content removed - please keep all discussion on the topic of Pokémon. -Prof. Poplar]? Not everyone has a fast computer nor can afford to buy one.


I've tried several [Content removed - please keep all discussion on the topic of Pokémon. -Prof. Poplar] but aren't as fun as this. The speed at which the games run is the only thing I really loved.

I don't mind if the cards aren't 3D or the view doesn't have the same perspective at which you look at your opponent's side. I think an over-the-top view would be much better. The only thing I'd like to have them keep are the battle effects/animations. If the devs who made those games pulled it off pretty well (except the fun factor), surely the devs here can do better!


I really hope the devs would consider making a browser version. There are players who don't need a PTCGO Emulator and are content with simple browser-based gaming.


[Content removed - please keep all discussion on the topic of Pokémon. -Prof. Poplar]

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Hello Lledner,


From the Official Forum Code of Conduct:

Stay On-Topic: All discussions on these forums should focus on the Pokémon TCG Online, Pokémon TCG, Pokémon animated series, Pokémon video games, and other Pokémon subjects. Non-Pokémon topics are not permitted.
Keep Your Links Official: Community members may post links to other official Pokémon websites. Advertising or solicitation for any other website, product, service, or game is strictly forbidden.


The filter is in place to make sure all forum and game rules are followed, so attempting to bypass it in any way is not permitted. Please refrain from doing so in the future.


I hope this cleared up some of your questions and concerns! :)


As for your suggestion, the Dev team is aware of the community's desire for other versions of the game, but they are currently focusing on making this version the best it can be. We thank you for your patience in this journey, and for your input!

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I see. Thanks for clearing that up! I didn't know citing examples aren't allowed. I'll look forward to the full/final version of the game!


Edit: I like the new interface/theme! It's more Pokemon-like, unlike the previous blackish one. The only thing I don't like though are the blurred cards and the thick blue borders around it. Is it supposed to be that way or is it a bug or something?


I also like the new play mat and the angle it's presented but it takes some getting used to being able to only see the portrait/image and not the whole cards in your hand. Also the attached cards on the Active Pokemon, I don't like how they're horizontally placed underneath and that they're a smaller--it doesn't look right. Also, I noticed that our slow computer was somehow able to run it a bit faster with all effects enabled and on a "Great" setting.


As an addition, it would be nice to have a Zoom In/Out option to be able to find a comfortable view of the table.

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